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Most parents do not need to be told that touching and holding your baby is soothing and comforting to them. Cuddling is the first step that you take towards developing a close emotional bond with your baby. Baby massage has been widely practiced by many cultures around the world for thousands of years, because people have come to recognise the benefits that it offers to both babies and parents.

Benefits for baby

As well as promoting a close emotional bond, baby massage has a number of proven benefits for your baby:

More relaxation and less fussing

Small babies sometimes fuss for no apparent reason, even when there is no obvious reason why. The loving touch of therapeutic massage helps them to feel calm and relaxed and banishes any little tensions that they have.

Improved sleep

We all sleep better when we are feeling physically and mentally soothed and relaxed. Baby massage can help to promote good sleeping habits – particularly when used as part of your baby’s nap and bedtime routines.

Soothing of teething pains

Babies who are teething often feel discomfort which leads to tension. Massage can help to relieve this.

Relief from colic and constipation

Very small babies in particular are prone to colic. Doctors are divided on the precise cause of colic, but it is likely to be related to indigestion and temporary stomach problems. Massage helps to soothe the tummy and can shift trapped wind. It also promotes general feelings of calm and relaxation.

Positive mental, social and physical development

Therapeutic massage has been proven to promote positive healthy physical and mental wellbeing for your baby, as well as increasing mental alertness and attentiveness.

Emotional benefits

Baby massage increases bonding between babies and parents and helps to make your baby feel safe, secure and loved.

Benefits for mums, dads and carers

Baby massage is wonderful because it provides some very special and focused one to one time with your baby which can help to improve your mood. In the sometimes difficult stage of early parenthood it gives you some control and helps you feel empowered and more confident in your parenting skills and techniques. Spending time on baby massage has also been proven to help alleviate the symptoms of postnatal depression.

It isn’t just your baby who feels relaxed! You will too, and you will benefit from the wonderful feeling of an even closer bond with your baby.


We provide specialised baby massage classes that accommodate breastfeeding mums and are suitable to meet all of your baby's needs. We teach parents and carers everything that they need to know about baby massage from head to toe. The technique consists of gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby's body with your hands. Parents, grandparents, carers, twins, and babies with special needs are very welcome to attend our classes, which are held in a lovely warm, calm, clean, relaxed environment.

One to One Sessions at Therapy Room or Online

Suitable for babies aged: From Birth 

Days: Sundays - Saturdays

Times: 10:00am - 07:00pm

Venue: Our central Uxbridge treatment room is at 2 Beasleys Yard, High Street Uxbridge UB8 1JU. Uxbridge is easily accessible from the M4, M40 and M25 motorways. Uxbridge tube station (Metropolitan and Piccadilly tube lines) and the bus station is just 5 mins walk away.

Telephone number: 0795 011 9847 

Block bookings of four (4) sessions £65.00

Complete baby massage course (4 sessions) and receive a certificate.

Therapeutic Massage Address: Unit 2 Beasleys Yard , High Street , Uxbridge , Middlesex , UB8 1JU

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